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Our adventures with reptiles started about 12 years ago when my son James wanted a snake for Christmas. We really did not know that much about reptiles and thought he looked lonely all by himself so we got another one. Then we started going to reptile shows and fell in love with all the reptiles. We started breeding boa constrictors and were very successful in that area. We joined the Jacksonville Herpetological Society and became Board Members and took over the Reptile Rescue. We then started the LB Reptile Experience to start doing educational shows to fund the Reptile Rescue. We use a lot of the rescued reptiles in the shows that we do. In the Spring of 2011 Bob became a Nuisance Alligator Trapper for FWC and Liz became a Alligator Trapping Agent. So Bob and Liz both work full time jobs, take care of all the reptiles in the evenings, Bob takes 2 days off every month to do educational shows for schools, day cares, libraries, etc. and scout meetings in the evenings and birthday parties on the weekends and capture nuisance alligators whenever we are needed.


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